The hair transplant procedure is a singular permanent option to treat the pattern baldness. Two types of techniques are practiced in the hair restoration procedure to extract the grafts/follicular units. The FUT hair transplant or the strip method of the hair restoration surgery applies the extraction of hair roots via the strip excision from the back and sides of the scalp. The strip contains the hair-bearing skin that is extracted followed by the simple incision, and suture. The closing technique that is involved in the FUT is now closed by an advanced closing technique known as the Trichophytic closure.

The FUT or follicular unit extraction is widely accepted in the restoration procedure due to their importance of offering the best number of hair roots in a single time via the single session.

The hair transplant cost is majorly influenced by the chosen technique and the cost of the strip method is far lesser than the FUE method for the extraction.

The Follicular Unit Hair Transplant in Today’s Time

These days FUT or follicular unit transplant has come in a modern version and appreciated widely by the recognized surgeons and Doctors. It is very important to consider the technique before the procedure on the basis of the patient’s status of baldness as well as the available donor areas in order to fulfil the desired outcomes of the procedure. Previously, the procedure through the strip method had some cumbersome process leaves scars and pain and couldn’t get the cosmetic appeal among patients and Doctors, but nowadays, these issues got completely resolved via the technique of the advanced closing technique, known as the Trichophytic closure. The FUT or the strip method of the surgery is done through the simple incision in order to excise the strip containing hair-bearing grafts that are later sent to the dissection job where technicians precisely dissect the graft to obtain the individual live follicles.

The Improvement in the Strip Method in Todays’ scenario

This is a Painless Procedure: The procedure is started by giving the dose of the local anaesthesia that reduces the effect of pain up to zero level. The expert surgeons use some special mixture in the local anaesthesia to control the effect of pain and can extend the numbness time up to 10-12 hours successfully.

Now FUT is non-invasive and can say that it is painless as the local anaesthesia is applied by the surgeon. It is a modern way to obtain the grafts to fulfil the desirable cosmetic goal of the procedure.

The FUT is Scarless Procedure:

The FUT technique is nowadays a scarless technique as the modern Trichophytic closure is applied to make the scar minimal visible by adopting the zigzag pattern. Now, it is very important to know that what is the Trichophytic closure and how it encourages a scarless effect of the surgery!

Trichophytic Closure:

The trichophytic closure is an advanced way of closing the suture areas followed by overlapping the incision areas in such a manner that the edges of the incision allow the growth of hair just next to the suturing zone. The Trichophytic closure makes the possibility of the completely scarless result of opting the overlapping way of the closing and accepted widely in the restoration world that allows a surgeon to offer the best outcome of the procedure.

The Best Number of Hair Follicles only achieved by the FUT Technique

The FUT or strip method of the surgery has the strength to offer the best number of hair roots as it applies the strip excision. If a patient is affected by a higher Norwood class of baldness, then the only solution to cover the bald areas with a high number of hair roots is the FUT technique. The hair-bearing skin that is known as the strip contains the bunch of hair roots/follicles that are extracted via the process of dissection. The dissection of the roots is performed under the higher magnification of microscopes that allows the technicians to collect the best number of viable hair follicles that are further implanted into the balding areas.

The Faster Healing Process

The faster healing process is now possible because of the involvement of the PRP session before starting the FUT surgery. It encourages the hair growth as well as a healthy healing process to fulfil the acceptable cosmetic goal of the procedure. However, a PRP session in the hair restoration procedure is becoming a bio-option that enhances the outcome of the procedure.

Conclusion: On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant is only giving the desired results once you opt the feasible technique decided by the status of your hair loss as well as the available donor’s condition to accomplish the extraction goal of the surgery.

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