Water kefir is a wonderful probiotic drink that is renowned throughout the world for the amazing health benefits that it is able to offer! Many healthy, probiotic drinks can often be seen as quite bland and boring, however water kefir can be fizzy and flavoursome, a great alternative to other fizzy carbonated beverages.

You can buy water kefir drinks from a large range of health stores, with some supermarkets and newsagents now including them in their drink collections! However, many health conscious people still choose to make their own water kefir so that they can know 100% what is in their kefir drinks and so that they can flavour them to suit their tastes. If you would like to make your own kefir, for you, your friends and your family to enjoy keep on reading…

How to make Water Kefir

Attention: You should start making your water kefir as soon as your grains are delivered – These grains can be stored in a fridge for up to 48 hours before you use them however, the sooner that you use them, the greater your water kefir will taste!

What you need

Equipment needed:

Non-metal strainer

Plastic or wooden spoon

1 litre or large glass jar with lid

Smaller bottles for storage

Ingredients needed

1 sachet of water kefir grains, from a reputable kefir supplier such as Happy Kombucha

1 tablespoons or organic raisins or a choice of other unsulphured dried fruit

65g – 75g sugar

½-1 organic lemon

1 slice of fresh ginger (peeled)

1 litre filtered, chlorine-free water (to remove chlorine leave boiled water overnight)


  1. Dissolve the sugar into the thaw water! Some people think at this stage they can use honey or other substitutes instead of sugar however you should be sure to only use sugar as this will provide you with the greatest results
  2. Add Your kefir grains to your sugar water and add the lemon and ginger for sweetening purposes – Mix this in a glass jar
  3. Leave this mixture in a tightly sealed jar at room temperature for between 24 and 72 hour! The warmer your home is the faster your kefir will brew so bare this in mind
  4. Strain your water kefir grains, raisins and other bits from your drink and bottle up in smaller bottles
  5. Allow these smaller bottles to sit for a further 24-48 hours to continue fermenting
  6. Serve cold over ice and enjoy!

If you are looking to make your own kefir we advise that you ensure that you get your kefir grains from a high quality supplier such as Happy Kombucha who are renowned throughout the industry for always offering premium grains and products.

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