In this article I will provide a Wii Fit review. The Wii gaming console has been around for a few years now and is one of the best selling gaming platforms out there. Wii is also the first major platform to target the fitness market. By creating a fitness program, the designers of this software made the first inroads into interactive fitness delivered via a gaming platform.

What makes this such a useful tool is the interactive feedback provided by the system which personalizes the program. The system comes with a sensor bar which tracks your Wii Remote (also called a Wiimote), your nunchuck, or your balance board. It allows the system to monitor your movements in order to evaluate your progress.

The balance board communicates with the underlying software program to provide additional information on you, the user. Your weight is calculated along with your balance during certain exercises and tests. (You need not worry about personal information. You can lock your profile so no one has access to your information if you should desire to keep it private. You should be aware however, that the system does display your weight and Body Mass Index when you take the fitness test.)

You also have a personal trainer assigned to you while you are working out. You can choose between a male and a female trainer. The trainer will show you how the exercises are supposed to be performed initially. After the first time you do the exercise you have the option to have the trainer instruct you again, should you need or desire additional guidance. The trainers guide you through the exercises and provide motivational feedback while you are working out.

There have been additional fitness gaming programs released over the past year, but the best is still Wii Fit. Review any of the other programs and you will find Wii Fit provides the best graphics, combined with a wide variety of exercises from beginner to advanced to keep you motivated to work out for a long time.

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