Psychiatry is one of the essential branches of medical. A specialized person in Psychiatry named as a Psychiatrist. People usually confuse Psychiatrist with Psychologist; however, the two specializations are different. Psychiatry is a branch where the doctor understands different mental sickness of the patient and provides appropriate prescriptions.

Different disorders

There are various mental disorders treated by a Psychiatrist. The diseases can be mental, emotional, social, and addictive disorder.

Mental Disorder:


Mental Disorder is a mental illness or psychiatric illness where the reason is generally unclear. In this illness usually, the patient seems physically fit however the patient might be dealing with a lot of distress. These symptoms can be persistent, relapsing, or remitting.

The reason for this disorder remains unclear, different causes can be interpreted about mental disorder. Generally, the mental illness is recognized on the basis of the behavior pattern of the patient. Timely treatment can cure the problem. However, delaying the treatment can even make the health worsen.

Depression, Personality disorder, anxiety disorder, schizophrenia, eating disorder, the addictive disorder is some severe type of Psychiatric illnesses that required immediate attention.

Addictive disorder:

As the name suggests addictive disorder represent where the patient is addictive about some harmful product such as tobacco, alcohol, or cigarette. A patient who take these toxic substances in big dose on a daily bases even after knowing the effect are suffered from an addictive disorder. This disorder reaches such level sometimes that the patient stakes their life but couldn’t get rid of their addiction. Awareness about this medical illness highly required.


The difference psychiatric diseases have their symptoms. Some of them are below:

Anxiety disorder:

In this illness, generally patient thinks more of dangerous things. This disease also includes panic attack and different phobias.

Sleep wake disorder:

Disorders like insomnia, nightmare, sleep apnea, and restless legs syndrome come under the category of sleep wake disorder.

Trauma and stress related disorder: When a patient reaches the peak of depression, the disease came under pressure related disorder. This situation required the immediate attention of a Psychiatrist.

Psychiatrist specialization:

A person who can understand different disorders by recognizing the symptoms called a Psychiatrist. They are the medical doctors who are specialized in mental health including different disorders. It always be a wise decision to reach out to a psychiatrist while feeling any mental illness. If your illness checked in an early stage then the chances are high of speedy recovery, however making delay in any treatment reduces the chances of cure and sometimes it become dangerous for your health.

Psychiatrist in Kolkata:

Kolkata is vibrant about excellent Psychiatrists who have diverse experience in the field of Psychiatry. These doctors have vast experience and study plenty of cases. People always ignore their mental problem as they don’t see any sign like a wound or swollen and often realize very late. Due to the late realization, the disease expands and causes a lot of harm to the human body. It is always a wise decision to keep in touch with one of the doctors of mental illness.  

These days every information is just a click away on the internet. People often go very skeptical when it comes to choose an expert doctor. You may find your best psychiatrist by exploring on the internet and learning about the experience and patient feedback.  You may easily reach out and look for the details by just typing expert psychiatrist in Kolkata. This search will give you the suitable result and by visiting the doctor’s profile you can assure and book an appointment.  

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