Classic Nut Corners ( Nussecken) :

Everyone has ever bought nut corners at the bakery . A very popular pastry that tastes good to everyone. The recipe is really simple . You don’t have to bake anything or prepare for a long time . The dough base is made ,followed by apricot jam,you don’t even have to bake the dough and finally the nut mass ,everything is baked together in the oven . Most people have the problem that the nut corners break when they are cut . You have to cut the nut corners immediately after baking and when still warm ,then they keep a nice shape and the pastry parts do not break . The chocolate must not be missing, so the corners are still dipped in chocolate . In a metal tin ,stored in a cool place ,keep the nut corners for at least two weeks .

In general for the nut corners ,shortcrust pastry is topped with apricot jam and hazelnuts. After baking ,the nut corners are decorated with chocolate and refined.

For having healthy nit corners you can use less fat butter and sugar in the filling ,since the nuts already contain fat and the apricot jam consists of about half of the sugar . If you want to use the nut corners for a slimming regimen ,you can also leave out the chocolate.

Making nut corners (Nussecken):

Ingredients for approx.24 nut corners:

For the shortcrust pastry :

400 g wheat flour

1/2 packet of baking powder

125 g sugar

1 packet vanilla sugar

1 pinch of salt

2 eggs

175 g butter or margarine

For covering :

350 g apricot jam

50 g butter

100 ml water

75 g sugar

2 teaspoons cinnamon

400 g ground hazelnuts,preferably roughly ground.

For decoration :

300 g dark chocolate coating



Bake nut corners :

Mix the flour ,baking powder,sugar ,vanilla sugar and salt for the shortcrust pastry on the work surface . Add the eggs and butter or margarine and knead quickly into a shortcrust pastry by hand . Knead only as long as necessary so that the shortcrust pastry does not become burnt (or hard and crumbly ) . Then put the shortcrust pastry in the fridge for at least half an hour.

Bring apricot jam,butter , water , sugar and cinnamon to the boil . Then add the ground hazelnuts and stir in well and briefly.

Take a baking sheet with a sufficiently high edge (so that the covering during cooking drips ) grease with butter or cover with baking paper . Line the sheet with the shortcrust pastry. Spread the topping in small portions on the shortcrust pastry and smooth out . Now bake the whole thing in the preheated oven at 160 °C convection or 175 ° C lower /upper heat for approx. 30 minutes.

Let the nut corners cool and cut into 12 squares,for example. Then cut the squares diagonally to form triangles.

Cut the couverture into pieces and melt in a warm water bath or very carefully in a saucepan on the stove top on a low setting . The chocolate should be tempered so that it does not turn gray after drying,but shines beautifully. To do this ,slowly heat the chocolate out of the water bath or from the stove and continue stirring until the chocolate has cooled to approx. 28 degrees . Then reheat the chocolate to a processing temperature of around 32 degrees . It is best to use a digital kitchen thermometer for tempering. It is important that no water gets into the chocolate,otherwise the chocolate will solidify and can no longer be processed.

Dip the sides of the nut corners (Nussecken) into the chocolate and place the nut corners on a wire rack to dry . In doing so ,move the nut corners a little before the chocolate solidifies so that the chocolate does not stick to the cake rack .

Have fun baking .

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