If there is a permanent desire for a change in gender identity, hormone treatment is carried out after open psychotherapy. This can be cancelled if necessary, and the results can be undone. The final solution consists of a surgical sex change. This is hardly reversible no matter the sex change opreation cost in Thailand. Those who struggle with gender identity problems and go a long way to adapting have to overcome many obstacles. The previous treatment begins with an open therapy, which serves self-discovery, the search for the right identity.

Before you go through a series of complicated and high-risk surgical procedures, make sure you understand

  • That an official change of civil status and first name is no longer linked to this procedure
  • That years of hormone treatment and active life in the new gender role must precede surgery

The lengthy preparations through therapy and hormone treatment have good reasons. What happens if, instead of the desired harmony with the new identity as a woman or a man, further conflicts arise? What if the problems outweigh the advantages? What if serious psychosomatic crises cannot be resolved in this way? Or if there are completely different wishes, orientations and identity disorders instead of a real trans-identity and express themselves accordingly?

After the gender adjustment, many of those affected report what burden they feel when they have changed their civil status, their name, their social role, and live it out. They perceive the physical change as correct, positive and do not regret their decision.

However, some patients continue to complain about difficulties with their new desired identity. Everyday life in the new role takes its toll, as does persistent psychological imbalance or unfulfilled expectations. Psychotherapy thatprecedes gender adjustment cannot always provide complete clarity about the situation.

The permanent, lifelong use and external use of the hormone preparations are a burden. Similar to hormonal contraceptives, there are often massive physical and psychological symptoms that affect health and quality of life. To adapt the external appearance, it is necessary to take the hormones in relatively high doses.

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