Before, when someone mentions breast surgery, people usually think about breast implants. While this procedure is still very popular, other surgeries can improve the look of your breasts, as for women but also men.

Breast augmentation

So, let’s start with the most wanted procedure, the breast augmentation. For women, it is very important how they look, and breast play a big role in this. They give the woman a feminine look and make her feel confident. Many women think and feel that they have too small breasts, and that is why they are searching for the solutions which will size up their breasts.

Bigger breasts will give your whole body new look

The most common way to achieve bigger breasts is to embed implants. Today, implants are much more improved than before, lowering the risks of possible ruptures. Even if it happens, saline implants, for example, are completely safe and the body will absorb the liquid from the implant. Implants dislocation, ruptures, and other possible issues are well solvable with the replacement or removal of the implants.

But did you know that your breasts can be enhanced with your own fat? Fat tissue from some other part of your body is harvested, purified and then during the fat transfer to breasts by Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne procedure is injected into your breasts. The breasts will be bigger, but not as big as with the breast implants and they will feel natural to touch.

Breast reconstruction

Breast reconstruction plays a big role in balancing the breast size with the body of the woman. Maybe it is strange that some women want to reduce the size of their breasts, but there are many reasons why they are doing that. The breasts for some women can be too heavy, so the problems they are making are a pain in the back, neck, shoulders and sometimes redness and irritation.

During this procedure, the doctor will remove the part of the skin and other breast tissue, usually, the areolas will stay in the same place, but if you would like to move them, to make better symmetry, that can be done.

Gynecomastia procedure

This procedure is for men with larger breasts, as that condition is known as gynecomastia. Many men are dealing with this issue and while there can be different causes of gynecomastia, usually obese people and those with imbalanced hormones have larger breasts.

You will gain more manly breasts with gynecomastia procedure

Men with this condition are feeling quite insecure and that is one of the main reasons why they decide to undergo a gynecomastia surgery at Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne. After the procedure, you will need around two weeks to recover and during that period you cannot lift anything heavy or do some demanding activities.

Final word

The cosmetic industry has developed much more than before, providing people desirable changes such as increasing or decreasing breast size, correcting asymmetry and sagging. The focus is to give breasts the natural look and to lower the risks.

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