Does IVF treatment have age limits for infertile women?

Today most women go for IVF treatment when they have infertility problems. You may ask do women have any age restriction for IVF fertility treatment? If you are an infertile female till age of 40 and even above this then you will be given more advanced solutions. These solutions are reproductive endocrinology. In this solution you will be given eggs by a donor. This is a very essential part during the various cycles of IVF treatment. It will be certain that these procedures also involve few tests to know what is the condition of the uterus in females. These tests also give a report that what is the condition of eggs that you have got by a donor and can they be used during IVF treatment.

What tests are taken in women before IVF treatment?

If you are women above 40 then also you are eligible for IVF procedures. All you need is healthy eggs. If your reproductive system is producing eggs at the right time then you may conceive with progeny. You can also get eggs from a donor if you are not able to produce them by yourself due to age factor. In some cases it has it has been seen that even women who are young and are in twenties produce bad quality eggs. Thus they are not able to attain pregnancy. Such women need ultrasound tests and AMH tests. These tests will tell you what is the condition of your ovary and eggs to attain your pregnancy goals.

Is IVF better than other infertility treatment solutions?

IVF treatment also known as in vitro fertilization can be the first recommended solution for those women who may be even above 40 years age. Yet they need healthy production of eggs in their reproductive system. Then they will get perfect benefits from this treatment. If you are not able to produce healthy and sufficient eggs due to age factor then a donor will give you eggs that will help you to go through IVF. It has been seen that IVF success rate is more than other solutions like FSH ovulation induction.

Other reasons to go for IVF procedure

We will tell you about chief reasons for going to get IVF Fertility Treatment Arizona instead of other treatments. It has been observed that treatments like ovulation induction or intra uterine insemination are a bit more costly yet they do not assure about expected success rate. Other treatments also have the risk of multiple pregnancies if 3 or more follicles get fertilized. This may give birth to multiple babies like twins etc. If your husband is also having a low sperm count then IVF treatment will adjust it and remove the fallopian tube blockage that occurs due to male vasectomy.

Know the main reasons to go for IVF

Most women who are not able to conceive due to age factor can go for IVF as it assists females who have a mature age. It has been seen that females above 37 years age may have a low pregnancy rate. Even then IVF helps such females by giving them donor eggs that are fertilized by sperms of their male partner. You can get the positive results of IVF within 6 months after getting it and having sexual activity.

How many female eggs IVF needs to attain pregnancy in women?

When we talk about IVF treatment procedure then you will see that it involves taking your eggs and fertilizing them with the sperms of your male partner. This is done at the laboratory of that doctor whom you approach for the treatment. When female eggs and male sperms unite outside the female uterus then they give more fast results. This is the main feature and merit of IVF. All healthy females produce normal eggs during their season. Yet in IVF only one healthy egg is sufficient to make the female conceive and attain pregnancy. If you need more chances of pregnancy then IVF procedure will use at least three eggs.

Know about the time line of IVF treatment

When you go to a fertility surgeon or doctor for IVF treatment then you have to know the time line and duration of this procedure. The fertility doctor will first of all give you hormone injections that will stimulate the production eggs in your ovary.  The doctor and nurses will keep on checking the procedure of eggs production with the help of ultrasound tests and blood tests.If the follicles in your reproductive system grow and attain maximum size then the doctor will retrieve or take out the eggs from your ovary.  The injections that you will get during the procedure have follicle stimulating hormones. Do not get nervous while taking such injections as they will help you to attain the stage of pregnancy.

Eggs retrieval during IVF

After you get producing eggs through hormonal injections they will be retrieved by doctors from your ovary. The entire procedure will take nearly thirty minutes for completion. During this entire procedure you may be also given a sedative or anesthetic. The eggs are placed in the same container with the sperms for the process of fertilization. These fertilized eggs are placed in the female uterus to develop them into an embryo.

Implanting IVF embryo in the female uterus

The final stage of IVF is transfer of developed embryo in the female uterus. This entire procedure takes nearly fifteen minutes. For this entire process the doctor chooses the best quality embryo that may grow well during nine months of pregnancy. After the embryo is implanted in your uterus then they start growing during all stages of pregnancy. During this entire time you need to visit the doctor. Then they will ascertain the success rate of IVF. We can conclude that as a woman of mature age you can choose IVF as it has some benefits that are not seen in other infertility treatment procedures. If you get the right doctor for it then success will be yours. Reproductive fertility center Arizona is a place where you will get infertility treatment at a low cost budget.

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