Why is it that employers still ask employees to do drug tests at work? Isn’t it against the law to tell people what they do after the working hours? A lot of people love to relax taking some kinds of drugs after the tough workday and over the weekend.

To be exact, around 20 million people do this. The research shows that so many people are consuming some kind of drug that it’s beyond logic to do these kinds of tests. Still, so many employers are forcing their workers to do it if they want to keep their jobs.

More than 10 states in America already legalized the use of marijuana. Between all the drugs in the existence of drugs, this one is on top of use. No reports of deaths by using it are there, though. That’s why it’s not understandable why people insist on other people to be clean even though this does not affect their work. Read some more stats about the use of marijuana on this link.

Anyway, if you don’t pass the test at work you’ll be filed as a drug user and you’ll be fired. This is not the end of your problems, too. Trying to get a new job will be difficult. You’ll need the recommendation letter from your old boss, but you won’t be able to get it. On top of everything, the new employer will probably be able to read your file and see you’ve been marked as a drug user. Getting the same type of job will be really hard after something like this.

Getting a negative result, or passing the test is a must. There’s no compromise with this. You need to do everything that can be done. Even if that means cheating.

The best option you have is called synthetic urine or fake pee. This is a product that is literally saving lives. It’s made industrially but it is completely the same as the real deal. It is well known that human urine is made of around 95% and the rest is a substance called urea. The urea consists of more solid materials that depend on the stuff our body consumes and flushes.

One of the substances inside will surely be the drug you consumed. The lab practitioners will see the list of results and will see it inside. That will mean you failed. To fix this, you need a sample that you’re sure that have nothing illegal inside. Only normal substances that our body produces every day.

What do I need to know about synthetic urine?

The fake pee kit can only be ordered through the internet. You can’t get in the stores out there. It’s a product that is not available for the common person. The reason for this is because the fake pee is well known as the most reliable product in the battle against the drug tests.

That’s why it is already banned in some states around the country. It will be pretty hard getting it very soon so if you’re dealing with this problem at the moment, appreciate that you can still order it and receive it without a problem.

To order, you’ll need to know which the best website for this need is. There are lots of pages selling this but not all of them can be trusted. That’s why you must do good research and find those who are known in the community as a good choice. They’re not hard to find, but you still need to read a lot of reviews and comments to be sure about this.

The fake pee comes in a package where the instruction manual is highly important. Without it, you won’t know what you can expect and what you need to do at the test. How to behave and how to hand over the sample cup.

Some of the most important things inside the instruction manual are how to handle the temperature of the fluid and how to be sure not to get caught when wearing the whole kit at the place where the test is going to be performed.

There you’ll be asked to fill in a cup with your urine. This is most often done in the toilet where you’ll have enough privacy to do the switch. Instead of peeing in the cup, you’ll place the bought material and when you get out you’ll hand it over as your own.

Don’t forget to preheat it at around 98 degrees because this is the normal body temperature of a healthy person. The lab practitioners will expect to feel this temperature in their hands. Don’t worry about their certainty, they touch a lot of samples every day, so they know the difference between one or two degrees without a problem.

After your sample gets accepted you can relax. There’s almost no chance to fail at this point. The machine going over it will see it as normal with over 99% chance. That’s because the fake pee is made to mimic the standard human byproduct with 100%.

Doing this will save your job, your career, and with it – your life. If you have no option, it’s always best to cheat for your own good then to suffer the consequences of something you did and which bring no harm to anyone. Smoking pot and taking some kinds of drugs on your own free time is your own business.


Even though there’s no logic for someone to ask you to do the test, you still must obey the rules if you want to keep your job. Don’t hesitate to buy a synthetic urine kit and pass the test without too much trouble. You just need to be careful about not being caught because that will also ruin your career and you’ll need to face some consequences.

If you manage to do everything like it’s supposed to be done, be sure that you’ll pass the test and continue your life as nothing happened before.

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