When people talking about Marijuana, they often think of the element THC which is the active ingredient in marijuana that causes a “high”. Marijuana also includes a compound called CBD – which does not produce a euphoric “high” effect. Interestingly, CBD creates a bodily reaction that prevents the body from registering pain.

You may have heard of CBD products being used to manage and treat chronic pain. CBD can come in many forms – from oils, creams, pills, gels, vapes and more. This compound is even being used to manage the symptoms of epilepsy which a CBD medication called Epidiolex. A very common use for CBD products is also for managing the symptoms of anxiety – as many people find that CBD helps them feel relaxed and more calm.

Considering there are two types of pain (musculoskeletal and nerve), CBD does a great job of managing both types. Depending on the type of pain, CBD can be used individually to target and manage pain, or mixed with a little THC. The diversity of CBD products makes this an ideal method of pain management because there is a method that should work for nearly everyone to feel some sort of relief.

Each method of CBD administration has a different rate of absorption – a major difference between the methods. For example, CBD vape pens often provide relief much quicker than other methods, but the effects wear off much quicker too. Alternatively, CBD tinctures or a variety of edibles take much longer to feel effects, but also provide longer lasting relief.

A great benefit to CBD is that marijuana products are becoming legal in many states and countries (including Canada now as well). As this process progresses, CBD products are more readily available – making it a great form of alternative treatment. Marijuana has been widely consumed for a number of years, and studies by scientists closely as well. The increasing use of marijuana products is a great benefit to people everywhere. Just be sure that if you are using CBD products for pain relief, consult an expert to learn which method of consumption is best for you, and to find the appropriate dosage that benefits your lifestyle the best.

Overall, CBD is a great form of treatment for a variety of pains and illnesses, and we should be exploring the many forms it comes in to improve our quality of life.

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