It is common knowledge that emergencies and natural disasters can happen even without our knowledge and thus the need for an emergency 72 hour food kit. Man has always been trying to predict when a calamity or natural disaster would hit. But even with the modern technology and all the gadgets that try come up with a sure-fire way of determining the exact time a natural disaster like an earthquake, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes and tsunamis would come and bring destruction, there is still no certain way to know when.

But even with the inability of man to predict with accuracy when certain natural disasters and emergencies would affect people, there is still a great need to be prepared. Preparation for those earthquakes and tsunamis that have been claiming a lot of properties and lives for the past years can be done by being equipped with survival kits. And since there is no telling when another emergency would hit, it is wise to have those survival kits easily accessible and can be quickly carried around, learn this here now.

One of the basic items that a person must have in his survival kit is food. The best emergency food kit must have not just any food but those that can help sustain a person while being left on his own for at least 3 days; this is the number of days that is expected that help could come to someone after an emergency or natural disaster. It is essential that the food that you can find in a best emergency food must have those foods that are high in calories. Some people would include in their survival kit food that won’t spoil right away. Some good examples of foods to bring is those that are canned. Canned foods don’t expire easily which makes them ideal for travelling and during times of natural disasters. Having can food is already almost a 72 hour kit in a can.

The basic principle of food behind a 72 hour emergency survival kit is to sustain the strength of the person. Without the needed strength during calamities or disasters, the chances of surviving will diminish. Food is one of the basic aspects of survival for man so it is but understandable how it should be always present in a survival kit.

A 72 Hour Food Kit Should Be Readily Available

Aside from food, there are also other stuffs that a person must not forget to have with him during emergencies. Some people would sometimes have a bit of difficulties when it comes to determining what contents their survival kit should have. Because of the many presumed necessities people have nowadays, it is getting very tricky to decide what stuff should just be considered as necessary for survival. The whole idea of having a survival kit is to have only those essential things for survival. Limiting the list of things to be present in your kit will make it more effective since it can be easily carried and available to you.

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